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Startup Storytelling: Captivate Your Audience & Keep Them There!

May 18, 2017
Everyone has a story to tell… and that includes your brand. The power of your storytelling, when done right, will help you connect with your audience better and elicit an emotion that drives them to engage/buy what you’re selling. Storytelling drives positive emotions toward your brand so you can do more than just influence, but build loyalty and trust with folks as well. Be warned though, creating a narrative can also come with a force of reckoning that can destroy your reputation if you’re not careful.

Retail Digitization: A Brief Plea to Retailers Ready to Modernize

Aug 22, 2017
Here’s the deal – at this point year-over-year closures of retail establishments are up 200% as we inch closer to 2020. If that doesn’t raise an eyebrow, how about this – roughly half of the retail leaders out there are going to refuse to properly digitize and therefore be out of business.