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CEO Dinner

Discover New Business Connections Over Great Food and Awesome Company

Meet brilliant entrepreneurs in a unique mastermind dinner setting where you get to share ideas, solve business problems and build new opportunities – without the restrictions of a usual meetup.

A private dinner will be hosted locally, all tabs on us! Our unique selection process ensures that attendees will be cherry-picked so that they share a common interest. The lucky ones will enjoy:


Exclusive dinner invite with a limited number of like-minds

Business matchmaking and opportunities

Connecting with other influentials to engage in meaningful conversation and ideation

VIP Pass to future invite-only events


Code of Conduct

Each Dinner Has Some Rules

We all have been to networking events where the main topic of conversation was the weather or weekend plans. These types of interaction do not build relationships, so our FIRST RULE is NO SMALL TALK.

Our objective is to have purposeful conversations that create value for each attendee.

In our experience, this format brings out the best in the few hours that we spend together.

The SECOND RULE is BE ON TIME. Each dinner event will be held at different times. We will provide a 30-minute window. If you can’t make it in that timeframe, please don’t come.

That’s it! These are the two Golden Rules we follow by heart to help us design and drive the conversations forward.

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